Acts of resistance: Why and how to visit your congressperson


pub. 02/2017

The resistance group wall-of-us sends out weekly acts subscribers can commit to doing themselves. While my national representatives are largely in my corner*, one of this week’s wall-of-us actions describes the scenes large groups of constituents can make at town halls when faced with representatives who aren’t actually representing them. This tactic was one tool used effectively by the right-wing Tea Party movement before installing its own candidates in office, and the left should be able to do the same.

*Even if yours are in your corner too, calls and direct emails are still effective: Your representatives will be far more likely to confidently resist the other side’s agenda when they can say “Sorry, I received 50,000 calls from my constituents telling me to vote against this bill, and they’re the people I represent. I cannot negotiate on this one.”

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