This blog is an effort to understand and keep up with the sociopolitical wave that seems to be cresting in 2017. Its aim is not to follow the most recent news stories or to be the most comprehensive historical record of the Trump administration, as others can do those better and the point is not to tear out one’s hair at every scandal, corrupt act, or oppressive law.

The goal here is to create a searchable collection of links to articles I and others might want to return to and share with others: Reflections on left-wing strategy, historical perspectives on right-wing jargon, ideas for what we can do nowwhere domestic events fit into the global picture, and so on–whatever makes you say “Oh yeah, I read a really good article about that. Let me see if I can find it and send it to you.”

In addition to individual articles on the blog I am keeping running lists of resources, What To Do and What To Read. They include civil rights organizations, tools for organizing, sources of news and editorial content, tips on how to contact your representatives, local events calendars, and ways to access calls to action.