Resources: What to Read

News and Analysis

  • What The Fuck Just Happened Today? (), a daily log of everything you need to know to be updated on anything related to Trump administration and GOP shenanigans
  • Amy Siskind’s “The Weekly List” (), which documents the many shocking moves of the Trump administration and reminds us not to make them our new normal
  • Presterity, a content aggregator dedicated to documenting the activities of the Trump administration
  • ProPublica, independent investigative journalism
  • Foreign Policy, global news and analysis with plenty of Trump administration coverage
  • Right Wing Watch, liberal coverage of right-wing organizations and activities
  • The Atlantic, thoughtful political essays and analysis
  • Vox, liberal catnip from political editorials to pop culture commentary
  • The New Yorker, for an intellectual’s-eye view of politics and commentary alongside New-York-centric culture pieces
  • Los Angeles Times, for on-it news and analysis far beyond Hollywood
  • The Washington Post, which, post election, has adopted the old-school slogan “Democracy Dies in Darkness”
  • Daily Kos Elections, keeping tabs on open seats, appointments, voting rights challenges, gerrymandering, etc
  • FiveThirtyEight, Nate Silver’s famed statistics analysis blog, covering politics, sports, and beyond

Dissecting the News

Editorial Essays

Guides and Perspectives on Oppression and Racism

And a not-so-marginalized perspective: Nice White Ladies, from (mostly) white folks for white folks who want to learn about racism and anti-racism from people who understand they’re new at it.