Resources: What to Do

Organizing and Mobilizing

Calls to Action – What to Do Right This Moment

Tools for Contacting Your Representatives

  • US Congress Info (iOS) and the simply-named Congress (Android) are phone apps that will tell you about each Member of Congress, what committees they’re on, the current state of legislation, and so on.
  • Contacting Congress will tell you who your legislators are and how to contact them.
  • OurStates () tracks issues at the state legislative level, something hard to find elsewhere.
  • Resistbot () will contact your representatives for you: Text them your message and they’ll fax or hard-copy mail it to your national legislators so you don’t have to.
  • Stance will record your voicemail and deliver it to your representative–no talking to staff members or calling yet another full mailbox.
  • Town Hall Project tracks town halls and other in-person events so you can get as much face time with your Members of Congress as possible.

More on Contacting Your Representatives

National Groups to Join or Donate to

(Some more member-action-oriented than others)

Protecting Yourself and Others When You’re Out and About

Local Events Calendars

Other Tips