Foreign policy analysts and scholars on how Trump is doing

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This is the president who faces what Warren Christopher, President Clinton’s first secretary of state, called problems from hell.

pub. 03/2017


That whole “finger on the button” thing


It’s clear that we’re on the threshold of a new nuclear era: a time when the actual use of atomic weapons is being accorded greater plausibility by military and political leaders globally, while war plans are being revised to allow the use of such weapons at an earlier stage in future armed clashes.

As a result, the next president will have to grapple with nuclear weapons issues—and possible nuclear crises—in a way unknown since the Cold War era. Above all else, this will require both a cool head and a sufficient command of nuclear matters to navigate competing pressures from allies, the military, politicians, pundits, and the foreign policy establishment without precipitating a nuclear conflagration. On the face of it, that should disqualify Donald Trump.

pub. 11/2016